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Investigators use photos to determine plane debris is from Boeing 777 - CBS News
Former University of Cincinnati officer pleads not guilty to murdering Sam DuBose - Los Angeles Times
An Attack on Gay Pride in Israel - Wall Street Journal
Senate to Vote as Soon as Monday on Defunding Planned Parenthood - Wall Street Journal
Bush 41: 'Who knew jumping out of planes was safer than getting out of bed?' - Washington Post
Walkway next to new downtown Albany convention center will be fixed - Albany Business Review
Bloomberg Is No Longer Mayor, but His Schools Agenda Thrives in Albany - New York Times
Albany places ahead of New York City, Cleveland, Las Vegas in Forbes rankings - Albany Business Review
Details of 'Impact Downtown Albany' study released - Albany Business Review
Albany played big role in winning Rochester's $110 million photonics institute - Albany Business Review
Schenectady's overassessments highest New York's upstate region - Albany Times Union
Quirky cuts 111 jobs, two workers come from Schenectady office - Albany Times Union
The Next Mayor of Schenectady, New York Might Be a 13-Year-Old Dog - Mediaite
A Dog Named Diamond Is Running for Mayor of Schenectady, New York - Jezebel
Police investigating motorcycle accident in Schenectady - NEWS10 ABC
Troy Tulowitzki Still Shocked by Trade to Toronto - New York Times
Jays and Royals Lead a Wild Day of Trades - New York Times
Troy City Council candidate calls for new Monument Square bids - Albany Business Review
“Helen of Troy, New York” and it opens in the Collar City July 9 - The Saratogian
Escape From New York, Move to ... Troy - News
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